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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, there are 600 million reasons to play. tonight's powerball drawing is less than three hours away. we'll let you know which stores are considered the luckiest to buy your ticket. willing to wait for more help? why hundreds braved the wind and cold overnight in hopes of seeing a dentist today. and we'll give you a look at the new security measures at tomorrow's bay to breakers race. we'll show you how police plan on keeping people safe. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. >> a highway patrol officer is in the hospital following a crash at the amgen tour of
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california. the officer was providing traffic control for the bicycle race in brentwood when his mo r motorcycle collided with a car this afternoon. the driver was making a u turn. the officer was flighted to john muir hospital. we have an update on the search for a missing 3-year-old boy. tonight he's back home and safe in hayward. he disappeared from his home last night. police say his grandfather woke up and the little boy was gone. the grandparents have full custody of the boy, but police suspect the father may have taken him without the family's knowledge. a san francisco man exonerated after attacking the priest he says abused him as a child met with state senator jim bell today. bell was holding an event called
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coffee with a senator. will lynch says linder raped him when he was 7 and threatened to kill him and his family if he told anyone. the statue of limitations made it impossible for linder to be held criminally responsible. >> the catholic church had 2,000 years to clean up its act. they haven't done it. if we increase our exposure so they can be sued by anyone at any time for these egregious, you know, problems that have happened with molestation and whatnot, people will come forward, do what they need to do and the church will clean up its act. >> lynch wants to put a measure on the ballot in 2014 that would repeal the statue of limitations. hundreds of people lined up
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in the san jose convention center today for a chance to get some free dental work. today was the start of a two-day clinic staffed by dentists, oral surgeons and hygienists from around the state. patients are seen on a first come first serve basis for services ranging from basic exams and cleanings to fillings, root canals and extractions. the california dental association says about 30% of californians, about 11 million people, do not have dental insurance. some people camped out overnight including tina who says she has not seen a dentist in 13 years. >> i know it's oh, teeth, wow what a big deal. to people like us, it is a very big deal. >> more than 2,000 people are expected to show up this weekend. the dental services are free, but you have to pay for parking. >> $600 million. the jackpot could go higher
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before tonight's powerball drawing. millions of americans, many of them in the bay area, are taking their shot at becoming millionaires $2 at a time. brian moar has the story. >> reporter: plunk down a few bucks? win a few hundred million. >> i'm hoping this is my lucky day. >> reporter: that's the dream of hopeful lottery players in 43 states, hoping to grab the biggest powerball jackpot in history. >> man, first thing i'll do is take a vacation, take care of the family. >> reporter: the only thing standing between these would-be millionaires and a mountain of cash is the odds. 175 million to 1. you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning a couple of times. or winning an oscar. or getting elected president of the united states. then again, two bucks won't get you into the white house. >> i took a chance. >> if you don't play, you don't win. >> you only need one ticket to win. >> reporter: the latest prize has millions fantasizing about
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life on easy street. others are keeping their feet on the ground. >> probably retire and definitely share. >> reporter: with a jackpot this big, there's plenty to go around. once unimaginable, powerball players are look at the very real possibility of a $1 billion jackpot. brian moar, nbc news, washington. powerball fever has hit the bay area. the jackpot has reached, as you heard, $600 million. george is in san jose at a location known to produce jackpot winners. did you get your ticket? >> i did get a ticket, more than one. this store we're standing in is considered a lucky store. why, you ask? take a look behind the counter. there's a picture of some guy who won a million dollars on a scratcher. and actually this store has had two people who have won a million dollars by just playing
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scratchers what about powerball? california has only been playing the cowherball since early april. we never had a powerball jackpot winner in the state. history could be set tonight. the biggest powerball winner ever, and the biggest winner in california. spokesperson for the california lottery says california was selling a million dollars worth of tickets every hour today. many people are spending a bit more on tickets because the stakes are so high. >> because this has been a lucky store, we come in for sandwiches sometimes, it's been a great location. so -- >> we have been a lucky store. we had two big winners. we win all the time on our scratchers which is -- i guess we are lucky. >> people buying powerball tickets now, as you can see. the jackpot right now, $600 million and rising. could be more than that by the time of the drawing. the drawing is at 7:59 p.m.
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local time. good luck, everyone. >> thanks, george. if you would like to see the full list of the six lucky stores around the bay area go to and search the key word powerball. next at 5:00 there are reports that yahoo! is poised to announce a major acquisition in the next couple days and what it has to do with facebook and twitter. >> our bomb texas will be on scene to allow for rapid response. >> the new security measures you'll need to know if you're headed to the bay to breakers tomorrow. the sharks are fighting for their playoff lives tonight at the tank. we'll take you there for a preview of game three. >> we're seeing mostly sunny skies around the bay area. temperatures getting close to 80. some of the warmer places out by santa rosa and fairfield, it's windy. gusts up to near 30 miles per hour at sfo. it's the wind we'll be watching this weekend along with warming and drying conditions.
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a look at those changes in the forecast when we come right back.
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more than 100,000 people are expected to converge in the city tomorrow for the 102nd bay to breakers race. >> due to the bombings at the boston marathon, this year's race will take place under an
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unprecedented level of security. we have more on what to expect and what authorities are asking every fan to do. >> reporter: the countdown to the zaniest foot race in the country is on. bay to breakers participants are ready for a good time. >> every walk of life in every imaginable costume, some not wearing anything at all. >> we're going as the goth family. >> reporter: mark and his kids plan to spice up last year's costumes and add an official registration bib. >> this is the first time i've ever registered. i'm a bay area native. i never got numbers before. >> reporter: christensen is playing by the rules because police are promising strict enforcement. with the deadly boston marathon bombings triggering security concerns, san francisco police are not taking chances. >> we will have our bomb texas on scene to allow for rapid response to any package. we'll also have k9s around and also 16 neighboring a support
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with regard to bomb texas, dogs. >> reporter: police are promising to be highly visible. cameras will monitor the crowd of 100,000. only small backpacks will be allowed. police are urging people to call 911 if they see anything unusual. bay to breakers regulars are hoping the tight security is not the new normal. >> maybe this will be the only year they try this. it will calm back down. >> racers seem to be taking it in stride. >> i'll probably be watching people in the costumes more than the people in uniforms. >> they have didn't concerns. >> my ability to run eight miles. yeah. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. still to come, reports are coming in tonight that yahoo! is set to make an announcement in the next couple of days.
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. yahoo! is reportedly about to buy the online content sharing site called tumblr. yahoo!'s board of directors will vote tomorrow evening on the $1.1 billion purchase of tumblr. it started six years ago, and it is popular among teens and young adults. it would be the biggest acquisition since the ceo took over ten months ago. she outbid facebook and twitter.
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the 9-year-old san francisco girl with autism who drowned earlier this week was remembered with a moment of silence at a walk for autism in san jose today. decayla lynch was on the minds of many families and friends who laced up for the walk now for autism speaks at san jose's history park. they raised nearly $300,000 to help the group autism speaks. >> this is a great event. this is all about hope. hope is what drives us. here is this beautiful event that you can come to and feel hope all day. >> autism speaks says 1 in 8 children is on the autism spectrum, and that on average
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families spend $50,000 a year. nbc bay area is sponsor of the walk and our own kris sanchez is the emcee of that event. >> it looked like a gorgeous day out there for that kind of event what is going on for the rest of the weekend? >> if you like the sunshine, there's more where that is coming from, except it will be breezy and warmer as we wrap things up come tomorrow. 70 in san jose. san francisco and oakland in the 60s. 80 still in santa rosa. 79 in fairfield. 74 in livermore. all locations around the bay area running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. i think we'll add 5 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. onshore winds coming in off the ocean, west of 20. out at the airport, sfo, west winds at 30. northwest winds spilling in at san jose. this is the type of wind speed we'll see tomorrow except the winds will change direction, much like we're seeing now in santa rosa.
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northerly winds will pick up. right now enough drier air mixing down along the seashore to break up the low clouds which have been sitting off shore. we will see think spill in again tonight. maybe enough to get us drizzle or misty skies along the coast briefly overnight. as northwest winds increase during the morning hours, you can see how things clear out. by midmorning tomorrow, more sunshine on the coast which is good timing for bay to breakers. numbers in the 60s as the race continues on through the morning. san francisco tomorrow afternoon, close to lunch time, near 71. the amgen tour leaving san francisco heading up to santa rosa, in the mid 80s. the increasing north winds may make things tough on the bikers as they get up there tomorrow. one of the other things we'll notice around the bay area is clearing skies and high pressure for 48 hours building in, which is going to change the wind direction. more of a northwest wind to a north wind tomorrow which will warm things up. by the time we get into monday,
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those winds may turn somewhat off-shore. and that's a problem this time of year when we have the dry conditions, very dry winter and spring. now we're talking an increase risk of fire danger. if the winds get too strong in the hills and the east bay, we may see monday into tuesday red flag warnings going up. tonight, areas of low clouds, briefly reappearing along the coastline. 40s and 50s overnight. tomorrow's highs, most inland spots today in the 70s. tomorrow mostly 80s inland. 78 degrees around santa cruz. out towards the tri valley, pleasanton up to 87. close to that around sunol. 85 in danville. 86 around fairfield. san francisco warming up now into the low 70s. we should see mid 70s come monday around the peninsula. 70s and mid 80s into the north bay to wrap up the weekend.
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it looks like the next two days we will see these temperatures top out close to 90 inland on monday. watching those winds out of the north. on the coast, one nice beach day for you. temperatures in the 70s. look at the temperature drop as the winds turn back onshore again. tuesday into wednesday, things cooling off big time. a 15 degree temperature change monday through wednesday. a few more clouds heading towards next weekend. so, you just take your pick of the events going on. a's too, tomorrow, weather looks great. >> all right. thanks. >> all right. bay area skating star christy yamaguchi was signing her newest children's book today at happy hollow zoo as part of her work for her always dream foundation. there were all sorts of other activities going on at the zoo today for what they came christy yamaguchi innovations.
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ildren could also practice their reading by reading to service dogs. >> who else was there? >> i was there. yamaguchi's foundation is piloting a program to give books to students. >> you looked like a rock star. >> i was looking big time. now i'm looking more official. >> you were official. many looks of diane dwyer. let's bring in mindi bach for a look at sports. >> hi. you know what's fun? christy's husband is working with us tonight. we'll have that for you. and a big day in horse racing. leg two of the triple crown. we'll take you to the preakness. the sharks, it's a pivotal game for them. game three at hp pavilion. a live preview next.
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we're less than an hour away from the puck driving at hp pavilion in san jose. the sharks are down two games to none in the best-of-seven series against the l.a. kings heading into a critical game three. the sharks are coming off a heartbreaking loss in game two in which they were leading 3-2 with just minutes to play in the third period. for a preview of a big home game for san jose, we send it out to brody brazil. >> reporter: the sharks are looking to pick up their first win of the series tonight against the kings, and san jose hopes to get a boost from the return of marty havlet.
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history has treated the sharks franchise very well when they have gone down 0-2. it's happened nine times before, in these game threes, san jose has a 6-3 record. shark players told me this morning they hope the crowd and this environment here at hp pavilion will help fuel their legs tonight. we'll have exclusive coverage starting at 6:00 sharp on the nbc sports network. ♪ >> the 138th preakness stakes at pimlico, and kentucky derby winner orb was a heavy money favorite. this is the second leg of the triple crown. but oxbow starts strong out of the gate and maintains the lead down the stretch. >> oxbow, down to the 16th pole. itsmyluckyday to the outside, but it's oxbow and gary stevens to win the preakness. >> oxbow the winner, a 15-1
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underdog at post time. orb finished in fourth. there will be no triple crown winner this year. oxbow's hall of fame trainer d. wayne lucas wins his sixth preakness. >> let me say this, i think i got a hall of fame ride. i think we can plan this thing, we can talk about it, we can talk about strategy, but once that gate's open, they have to make decisions. gary made some great ones. i told him, i said if you get on the lead, get into that cruising speed, just let it happen. >> third round of the byron nelson championships, john haas, this is his second shot on the par 4 14, 162 yards out. does it get any better than that? that is for eagle. tied for fifth. five strokes off the lead. this is your leader, keagan
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bradley. a long putt for birdie on the 11. he gets it to fall. bradley is atop the leaderboard. he starts sunday a stroke ahead. the giants just finished up their first inning against the rockies. tim lincecum is on the mound. it's 0-0 going into the second. marco scutaro got a hit in the top of the first. his hitting streak is at a whopping 17 games. he's hitting well over .430 during those 17 games. unbelievable. all your shark highlights tonight. hope you join us. >> i think we will. we will return. "saturday night live" says good-bye to a cast member tonight.
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there's big changes coming to "saturday night live." tonight's sin finale will mark the end for one character. bill hader will say good-bye after tonight. he said leaving "snl" was a hard decision but it had to happen at some point. head writer and weekend update anchor seth meyers will also be departing, but not right away, he'll be leaving in the fall of early next year. tonight, could also be the final show for two other long-time cast members as they leave to pursue new projects. neither actors nor the network commenting on any of this. >> rob will comment on our weather for tomorrow. >> that's no joke. that's nice. 80s tomorrow.
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the only item to watch is the gusty winds. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. on this saturday night, tornado watch. millions of people bracing for severe weather tonight as a massive storm system pushes across the country. we'll have the latest on where and when. collision course. a staggering scene of destruction after two commuter trains collide at rush hour, injuring more than 70 people. tonight, the search for what went wrong. hard landing. the dramatic finish to a flight that seemed so routine until the landing gear wouldn't come down. stroke risks. the warning signs for young people who may be more in danger than they realize. and feeling lucky? tonight, millions are, as the clock ticks down for tonight's drawing for a record powerball jackpot.


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